Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Short-Term Online Business Management Course Launched By Micromba Education Private Limited for Students and Executives to Develop Their Management Skills.

India; 25, October 2017: There are many students in India who dream of pursuing a regular classroom based MBA program in one of the prestigious institutions in the country. But there are very few MBA schools in the country as compared to the number of aspirants willing to join an MBA program. And online MBA in India is not very well known and the students too are too more confused, because the reports even say some employers do not consider online MBA in India

The problem is addressed now by Micromba Education Private Limited with the launch of their online Business Management program, available to everyone. 

Speaking about the advantages of this unique online Business Management program the Founder Director of the organization, P. Hari, reveals, “Students often compete at the MBA entrance tests after their graduation and many of them waste their valuable time in futile attempts. For all students, we have designed the Business Management courses that they can now complete online without a need to attend classes.” According to him, Micromba Education offers case study based learning instead of short memory based learning that most MBA colleges offer in the country. This is the reason why his online learning program is more effective than classroom based MBA courses. 

Micromba Education offers two types of online programs for students, they have one week fast track course and also the crash course that can be completed in one month. These courses are available at very affordable costs and which students in India can easily afford and can fulfill the dream of doing Business Management programs. 

To learn more about these online Business Management programs, one can check free sample videos that are available on the website of theMicromba Education Private Limited. 

According to P. Hari, the curriculum of this course is carefully designed, leaving behind insignificant and basic topics like Principles of Management. This is the reason why the course can be completed in a very short period and students will get the practical knowledge and the required skills to scale higher in their career. Students who want to develop the micro mba skills can learn more about the internet based Business Management program by visiting the website 

About Micromba Education Private Limited: 

P. Hari is the Founder Director of Micromba Education Private Limited. His hobby is reading about Business for more than 20 years and his blogs have been converted into Online Business Education site in the audio-visual form. His comparing, analyzing and commenting about Brands, Companies and Business peopleare the important pillars of the online business management course. His course covers interesting and inspiring information from local, regional, national and international business world. 

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