Saturday, September 30, 2017

Mobile App Business Rolls Out Next Generation of Mobile Apps To Partners Worldwide

30, September 2017: Mobile app business, Eazi-Apps is giving its partners around the world the chance to harness the next generation of mobile apps with its latest launch. The firm, which trains entrepreneurs and other individuals to be app developers has just launched Progressive Web Apps - all new user experiences which can be built into modern websites for the mobile-focused future. 

Progressive Web Apps are the next step in the mobile revolution and a key addition for any app business wanting to help its clients stay one step ahead of the competition. Progressive Web Apps provide fast, reliable and engaging experiences, blurring the line between native apps and the web. Eazi-Apps is one of the first mobile app businesses in the country to offer progressive web apps to its partners. 

Zakir Daud, CEO of Eazi-Apps said, “We’re excited to launch the next generation of mobile apps to our partners. This is exciting for app developers and means we can help them to deliver amazing benefits to their own clients. These include the better app reach that PWA’s offer over traditional mobile apps. They also provide significant audience and marketing benefits, so are something that all app business leaders should be looking to add to their product mix. 

“Our progressive web apps are also indexed by Google, so once they are up and running on the web, they can be found in the search results. This dramatically improves app discoverability, which is a big plus for app developers and the client alike.” 

Through its training academy and online learning system, Eazi-Apps partners will have immediate access to this technology, allowing them to roll out the new frontier of mobile apps to their own customers. 

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